Panchayat Budget

An important component of the project was to develop a composite index to rank (or grade) the panchayats according to their performances. The ranking or the grading was based on a survey to collect data on the performances of the panchayats as in five performance areas. A composite index was developed for the purpose. The detailed methodology of the ranking exercise has been described in the “Methodological Note.” There are a total of 67 panchayats in both the blocks i.e. 36 gram panchayats in Malpura block and 31 gram panchayats in Todaraisingh block. Survey of all the panchayats for grading of the panchayats was conducted in both the selected blocks. The main purpose of the survey was to grade the panchayats according to their functioning under various categories which were found relevant to the study.

Strengthening Panchayat Governance

Ranking the Panchayat