What We Do

Policy Analysis and Research

BARC Trust studies the policies and schemes impacting important sectors like education, health, water, food security, sanitation, agriculture, irrigation, land, mining, and issues like climate change, women empowerment, social security etc.

Budget Analysis and Advocacy

BARC Trust analyzes the Union and State Budget and conducts pre and post budget advocacy with the government and elected representatives to promote transparent, accountable, participatory governance and a people-centric perspective with regards to the preparation and implementation of budgets.

Some of the activities of BARC trust include pre-budget consultations with NGOs, citizens, media, MLAs, government officials etc., preparing the charter of demands, submitting the charter of demands to the relevant officials as well as post-budget advocacy, budget orientation meetings and sharing the analysis with the multiple stakeholders.

Local Self Governing Bodies’ Budget and Planning

BARC Trust also works on strengthening the planning and budgeting processes at the local level by conducting policy and budget research and advocacy in the rural and urban local bodies. BARC Trust also engages with the Government to advocating for decentralization and strengthening of the local governance. BARC Trust also conducts capacity building workshops of the elected representatives to ensure more participatory planning and budgeting at the local level.

Currently BARC Trust is working with UNICEF, Rajasthan on “Strenthening Panchayat Governance By Promoting Participatory Planning And Budgeting For Children And Weaker Section Of The Society”

Capacity Building and Training

BARC Trust provides training on budget analysis, planning and budgeting of local governing bodies and other issues to the students, interns, NGOs, government officials and elected representatives.

Workshops and Seminars

BARC Trust conducts workshops and seminars with NGOs, students, researchers, government officials etc. on a range of issues related to our key focus areas.

Partnerships and Networking

BARC Trust makes special efforts to be in constant touch with the Civil Society Organizations in Rajasthan and the rest of the country working towards creating a just society. It has been supporting various NGOs in terms of providing data, trainings and advocacy resource material.