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Standard of Discloser of Budget

Standard of Disclosure of Budget

Standard of Disclosure for the Government Budget at the district and state levels
The list of documents which the government should make available at the district level

   a. District allocation document (Department-wise district budget):

This is a document that currently does not exist in Rajasthan. The idea is that along with the state budget the government should also release a district budget. This document will give details of the Department wise/head wise allocation to each district.

   b. Devolution document for Panchayati Raj Institutions:

The state finance commission’s report is released once in 5 years and is a road map on state Finances. However, a detailed statement released every year on how much money the government has devolved to each PRI would be a very useful for the PRIs in planning for development.


   c. Devolution document for Urban Local Bodies:

Similarly, a document released every year on how much money is being devolved to municipal corporations and municipalities would help the ULBs in planning.


    d. District Development Plan:

District Development Plan is a document prepared by the District Planning Committee based on the plans received from the gram panchayats, panchayat samitis, zila parishad and the urban local bodies in the district. This is a very important document to have in the public domain. The district wide plan in one concise document would help citizens see what development activity the people want in the district, blocks and villages.


    e. District Level Output and Outcome Budget

This is not being prepared currently is recommended to be prepared and made available for public perusal.


    f. Open the Treasury website:

Currently, Rajasthan government provides limits access to the treasury website. Government should allow unrestricted access the public to track incomes and expenditure on a real time basis.


Documents which should be made available at the State Level in addition to the documents being released now

  1. Outcome Budget
  2. Improved Gender Budget Statement
  3. Status of implementation of Last year’s Budget Announcements