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Supporting the Local Bodies

Supporting the Rural and Urban Local Bodies

Supporting the Rural and Urban Local Bodies The 73rd and 74th amendments to the Indian constitution in 1992, added a new chapter in the process of democratic decentralization by empowering the local self governments (PRIs and ULBs) in India. After these amendments PRIs and ULBs have been provided with more powers in terms of funds, functions and functionaries. One of the important functions of both rural and urban local bodies is preparing their plans for development and budgets for implementing the annual plans. BARC Trust has been working on planning, budgets and functioning of rural local bodies (RLBs) and urban local bodies (ULBs). BARC has also been conducting capacity building programmes time to time on budgeting and planning in the state. BARC Trust implemented several project and interventions for strengthening the planning and budget process of PRIs and ULBs in the state.

Earlier BARC Trust extensively worked on the initiative of strengthening the panchayats’ budget and planning in select blocks of Tonk district, supported by UNICEF, Rajasthan. The main objective of the UNICEF supported programme was to strengthen the panchayats and enhance the capacities of the elected representatives as well as other people working at panchayat level in the planning and budgeting process. Capacity building activities like trainings on planning, budgeting etc. with ERs as well as government officials were organized at panchayat level. Besides, the project also had a grading or ranking exercise of the selected panchayats. The grading of the panchayats was conducted based on their performance on different aspects of panchayat functioning. The select panchayats prepared the plan in participatory manner and submitted it to the government as per the norms.

Similarly, the BARC Trust has also been working on the planning and budget of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). We worked with the elected representatives of Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) - Greater and Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) - Heritage the during the Covid-19 on their roles in mitigating the impacts of pandemic and on planning and budgets ULBs.

BARC Trust’s publication titled “Sthaniya Nagar Nikay Evam Unki Karypranali” presents the functioning and planning and budget process of ULBs as per provision of Rajasthan Municipal Act - 2009 and related rules and orders. BARC Trust, in collaboration with UNICEF, conducted a need assessment study of the elected representatives of about 11 ULBs across the state, including Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) - Greater and Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) - Heritage. BARC Trust has published on panchayat functioning in Uttarakhand, panchayat finances in Rajasthan and on implementation of the works under panchayat plans and 25 Years of PESA in Rajasthan. BARC publications on PRIs and ULBs are available on the publication page.