Budget Analysis And Research Centre Trust


  1. To analyze Rajasthan State Budgets and to pull out the findings, highlighting the relevant aspects from the perspective of the poor and marginalized;
  2. To organize budget orientation meetings for civil society organizations, people’s organizations and others in different regions of Rajasthan;
  3. To organize issue-based budget orientation meetings for the capacity building of the concerned issue-related organizations, and others as well;
  4. To organize budget orientation meetings for the state legislators and help them by sending questions relating to the anomalies in funding and expenditures, and other related matters;
  5. To carry out experimental events with members of selected Gram Panchayats, and to work with elected representatives of the Panchayats, enabling them to have a better understanding about the budget making processes at the local level, the need-based demands of the local bodies and the overall financial decentralization process;
  6. To organize budget orientation meetings for the PRI members in different parts of Rajasthan;
  7. To conduct micro-studies on different issues and schemes, incorporating field-level data collection and analysis;
  8. To disseminate our analyzed findings, research results etc. through the publications of booklets, newsletters etc.;
  9. To organize press conferences and to share the findings of our analysis with the media;
  10. To encourage different organizations and people, including MLAs, to come to us for budget information, and thereafter satisfy their queries with data and information;
  11. To attend and participate in different meetings and share our views with others, to strengthen network and collective action;
  12.  To visit other Budget Centers in the country in order to learn from their experiences.