Budget Analysis And Research Centre Trust

The Key Objectives

  1. To identify what are the budget priorities in the Rajasthan Government in the state budget books
  2. To see whether the Rajasthan Government is withdrawing its budget allocations to good schemes and provisions for the poor men, women and children of the state
  3. To facilitate public discourse on budget governance issues, encourage citizen’s participation in budget governance, and advance the rights of those most deprived;
  4. To help civil society organizations to learn how to strengthen their advocacy and lobbying work by using budget data;
  5. To advocate for a pro-people, pro-poor, and pro-marginalized perspective in budget allocations;
  6. To demystify the budget by making it and the other budget-related documents, transparent, user friendly, and readable by the public;
  7. To make known how poor people are left out from the budget policies and priorities;
  8. To examine budget spending trends and the impact of budget policies on the poor.